Artist Spotlight: Ingrid Bathe

We're so excited to introduce the work of artist and ceramicist, Ingrid Bathe to the shop! Ingrid's work feature the unique and stunning hand-pinched technique in white porcelain. Working out of her studio in Maine, Ingrid creates gorgeous objects that are seemingly fragile and precious but manages, through the process of firing at extreme temperatures, work that is surprisingly durable. 

We're in awe of her work and the balance she's able to strike between a light and airy aesthetic and the study longevity her works bring.

 "I skillfully employ basic, traditional methods of hand building to emphasize the scope of possibility within the medium.  I adjust the clay ingredients and paper content to best suit the forms that I am working on."


"My aesthetic combines the European decor I was surrounded by growing up and my love for where I live now – simple, thoughtful, clean, elegant, frugal.  The lifestyle I maintain in Maine is conducive to my art making. We are surrounded by farmed fields, preserved natural areas and revered coastlines. The tempo of the long quiet winters and the radiant quick moving summers creates a balance that complements my temperament and my artwork."

See the entire collection and shop Ingrid's work here!

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