Stitch and Tickle

Studio | Store 
63 Thayer (@450 Harrison Garden Level)
Boston, MA 02118

Free 90 minute parking is available in the lot at the end of Thayer Street (entrance via Albany Street) when the Sowa markets are not in effect. Alternatively, there's ample parking in the lot under 93 ($2.50/hour), a couple of minutes walk from the shop.

On top of our lines of handmade leather bags and linen clothing, we offer a curated assortment of gifts,  fashion and home accessories.

Function + Beauty for Every Day Living


Mon-Tue:  by chance or appointment 

Wed-Fri: 12-6 pm 

Sat: 11-6 pm

Sun: 12-5 pm

We are always happy to set up appointments outside those hours. 

Everyone is required to wear a mask.

(617) 792-0792 (please note that due to a high number of spam callers, we use a screening service; please speak your name and reason for your call and we'll pick up right away!)