Mother's Day Gift Guide

This past year has been hard on everyone, especially the moms out there who have taken on more roles and responsibilities than ever before. We've seen moms continue to work full time jobs while keeping the kids at home and taking on the role as teacher as well. 

This year, we're foregoing the flowers and candy for truly special, one-of-a-kind gifts to celebrate the moms who have busted their butts all year making sure the little ones not only survive, but thrive during these turbulent times.

Visit our Mother's Day Gift Round up here or scroll down to see some of our favorite gifts that are the perfect way to say thank you for all mom did this year. 

Handmade Ceramic Vases

We just love these little vases by artist Alison Owen (they've been a best seller from day one!) Each one is different and unique and perfectly handmade - an ideal, one of a kind gift for your one of a kind mom. Choose your favorite style from four unique collections!

Shop vases (and other unique ceramics) here!


Jewelry might seem like an obvious, tired way to go, but we've got a selection of one-off pieces that you can't find anywhere else. From jewelry design Lauren Markley, shop unique handmade pieces that are unlike any other!

Browse this unique collection here

Tea Gift Sets

Its time for mom to have some time to her self for some much needed relaxation and self care! Shop delicious teas and tea gift sets here!

Ceramic Teapots!

And of course you can pair the delicious teas with a handmade, ceramic stunner of a teapot. We have two gorgeous pots from Boston ceramic artist Florence Penault. Shop all ceramics (including beautiful mugs!) here.

Colorful Scarves

Super soft and lightweight, the Midi scarf by our talented designer friend Susy Pilgrim Water. Perfect to wear year round, with patterns that will add style to any outfit.  We love the details on the short edges which are finished with a constrasting strip from upcycled silk saris.

Shop our colorful collection of Spring scarves here

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