Father's Day Gift Guide

After the craziness and challenges this past year, we're putting in extra thought for Father's Day and foregoing the millionth ugly tie and the useless grill accessories that dad is used to getting every year. Instead, we're showing dad some extra love and getting him something he'll actually use. Something with a bit of thought that's functional and beautiful to show dad how much we appreciate everything he's done to keep us safe (and sane) this past year!

Visit our Father's Day roundup here or scroll down to see some of our favorite gifts that are the perfect way to say thank you for all dad did this year!

Master Shin Kitchen Knives

These knives are a customer favorite - Beautifully crafted kitchen knives from the oldest Korean blacksmithing workshop, the dad who loves to cook will undoubtedly love these knives for years to come. Choose from five different styles - plus they come beautifully wrapped, so they're ready to gift as soon as they arrive! Shop the collection here! 


Master Shin Kitchen Knife Korean Knives


And of course, if cooking is dad's thing... our Yaki Yaki Japanese cast iron grill pan is the perfect gift. Beautifully designed with a detachable handle (perfect for roasting) and cedar trivet. A perfect addition to the kitchen that dad is sure to love and use for years. Choose from two sizes - shop the collection here.

Japanese Yaki Cast Iron Grill Pan


It's finally summer and temps are heating up. Time for dad to fire up the grill and eat alfresco. For all those summer bbqs and late nights outside, we've got just the thing. Portable, cordless and rechargeable, Candlelight is a flickering LED lantern with a removable hand-blown glass dome. Ideal inside when you want to bring a bit of hygge ambiance from room to room, or outside when you need a little extra light on the deck or in the garden. Grab one for dad here!

Rechargeable portable LED candlelight


Strike-on-box Hibi incense matches. These incense matches are made in the Harima region of Awaji island, where matches and incense have been produced with traditional methods for nearly 150 years. Each of the fragrances are made from herbs grown by local incense producers on Awaji island. Box includes a pad for safe burning. Choose from eight subtle and distinct scents here.

Hibi Incense



For the dad who loves to draw, sketch, or is just an art enthusiast. Inspired by the art of Brancusi as well as African sculptures, these wooden HB pencils  have intricate laser cut designs that makes them as interesting to use as to look at.  Each set includes 3 pencils packaged in a beautiful paper case. 

Shop the set here

 Laser Cut Pencil Set Brancusi pencils


Looking for more ideas? Visit our entire round-up of unique, one of a kind gifts for dad in our Father's Day gift section here! 

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