Artist Spotlight: Master Shin

Out of the South Korean city of Anseong, Master Shin In-young, the 5th generation of the city's longest established blacksmith continues the tradition of crafting the country's most recognized knives and farming tools, started in 1845. In Korea, he's the only blacksmith to continue in the practice of the traditional technique of attaching steel sheets to clay. 

Master Shin Korean Kitchen Knife and Knives

As a child, Shin In-young secretly played in his uncle's blacksmith shop. At the age of thirteen, he officially began an apprenticeship at Master Kang's shop and then at the age of only seventeen became a 5th generation master producing farm, kitchen and everyday tools. 

Master Shin Korean Kitchen Knife

He also took part in government jobs to restore national landmarks. When Korea undertook to restore the stone pagoda of the Mireuksa Temple in Iksan, Master Shin was prevailed upon to produce the necessary stoneworking tools.


"I use the traditional Korean technique, using clay to attach two steel sheets. This strongly bonds the sheets together while keeping their flexibility." 


Learn more about the techniques Master Shin In-young has perfected and see how he 'blows life into metal,' endlessly striking and hammering the metal to stunning effect. Watch the full video here.

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Master Shin Korean Kitchen Knives


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